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The Center for Island Sustainability is an interdisciplinary platform that aims to bring together themes of emerging significance in the islands

Centre for Island Sustainability

Center for Island Sustainability (CIS) is a new initiative undertaken by Dakshin Foundation in order to better support and facilitate island based research and outreach programs, from the ANET field base.

CIS is a body that will plan, facilitate and execute field based research and its management as well as support outreach education. It will be a platform for multilevel stakeholders to engage with contemporary issues pertaining to the islands, and a potential space to form partnerships with NGOs, government bodies and communities. 

From an academic standpoint, CIS aims to engage with researchers interested in exploring the multidisciplinary nature of island systems, and facilitate the collection of data for the same. This will expand the knowledge base of both researchers and the institution. 

Being an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary domain, island systems have a lot to offer, especially with educational platforms that can be built around knowledge collected in the islands. CIS intends to become a space that will allow for summer school education outreach programs for interested students, local communities and youth, that talk about the islands from a larger systems thinking perspective. 

The Center for Island Sustainability will enhance community access to academic knowledge in an approachable manner while also enabling researchers and scholars to dig deeper into the interlinkages and disciplines that island systems exist in.