Intervention  |  Workshops and Training

ANET has facilitated and conducted a variety of courses, programs and workshops for school and college students as well as interactive workshops for local community members and interested groups

Workshops and Training

Over the last decade or so, ANET has delivered different courses, programs and workshops for school and university students as well as training workshops for local community members and interest groups. Students gain experience and practical learning about ecosystems, biological diversity, with an emphasis on conservation. Our education programs vary from introductory awareness activities and workshops for school students to extensive courses on island ecology and marine systems for Indian university students. We also conduct experiential tours and excursions for international students. Programmes vary in length from day visits to extended stay programmes up to a few weeks.

Awareness modules for local schools

These workshops are for government and private schools of the Andaman Islands. Typically these are day long programmes spread out over the course of the school term. We emphasise learning through outdoor activities, forest hikes, intertidal explorations, treasure hunts, theatre, storytelling, laboratory and field exercises. Students at times also engage in beach cleanups and visit the local Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park interpretation centre. They learn to document observations and reflect on the changes around them. Our aim is to facilitate awareness amongst island citizens so they can contribute to the sustainable development of this emerald paradise.

Workshops and tours for schools from the Indian mainland

Marine biology as well as island ecology and sustainability are alien subjects to most students on the Indian mainland. However, a large number of school students visit the islands as part of their yearly school tours or immersion programmes. The school programmes at ANET are designed to be informative on generic aspects of oceans and sustainability as well as on the social, historical and ecological aspects of the Andaman Islands. These programmes involve lectures, field trips, discussion and activities relating to the different ecosystems found in the islands, like the mangroves, intertidal zone, coral reefs and tropical rainforests. Students are introduced to the history of the islands and their unique communities, the diverse livelihoods, conservation dilemmas, and success stories. Course are designed as per the requirements of the visiting school or student group and usually range from 5 – 7 days. Students stay on the ANET property, in wooden cottages amongst the tropical rainforest flora and fauna, a rare experience which is very valuable in itself. Moreover, ANET also liaisons with local dive operators to organise experiential modules that involve in-water work such as snorkelling and SCUBA diving. This is typically the first such experience for students and have encouraged many to come back to the islands or to pursue marine biology as a career.

Workshops and summer schools for Indian universities

ANET conducts higher-education courses on specific aspects of island ecology, cultural studies and sustainability in collaboration with universities. Such courses are aimed to fulfil essential theory-based requirements and practical research experience required by the academic curriculum of the respective institution. Academic courses are typically carried out by a combination of in-house and visiting faculty, in-house researchers and field staff. Our workshops and courses in the past have focused on subjects including marine biology and ecology, sustainable development, culture and history, photography, videography and communications. ANET is the host institution for the biannual marine biology course for our partner institution, the National Centre for Biological Sciences. This course provides the requisite theoretical academic modules as well as the required field experience and in-water training for researchers wishing to pursue careers in marine biology. More recently, ANET/ Dakshin in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) conducted the first Department of Biotechnology sponsored workshop on tropical marine biology and ecology. This programme enabled the first batch of 15 students from across India to delve into the physical and theoretical aspects of marine biology and conservation. The funding support and contribution of visiting faculty and ANET researchers have opened up opportunities to students previously unavailable in India.

Experiential tours for foreign students

ANET also conducts a limited number of experiential tours for students from foreign universities. These include modules such as the Enduring Islands programme aims to serve as a unique experiential platform based on the belief that while classroom learning imparts a specific set of skills and benefits to students, the practical outcomes of students’ achievements are strengthened by their first hand experiences of diverse real world contexts. Such experiences are not just as an alternate way to widen academic understanding, but a fundamental necessity that aids in the development of responsible international citizens. In most cases, such programmes allow students from different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds to experience and analyse perspectives that are different from their own, and enable them to compare, contrast and exchange perspectives related to developed and developing world situations. Often, these trips are the first overseas visits for a number of participants, and facilitation by ANET allows for a safer and more interesting initial experience.

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