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Conservation extends beyond the realm of ecology, education and policy. Integrated, multisectoral interventions supported by Community engagement and coupled with collective action is a powerful tool in creating positive change

SeaChange Initiative

Dakshin’s SeaChange framework is an integrated pathway that secures healthy ecosystems and thriving communities by unlocking local potential, building bridges and strengthening agencies. We enable inclusive, community-driven, governance models for the sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems through capacity enhancement, strategic partnerships with the state and civil society, and by strengthening collective action within and across coastal regions. SeaChange processes are designed to enable communities to claim their rights and entitlements, access critical developmental and financial resources and thereby improve their overall wellbeing. 

There are two scales at which SeaChange operates – system/landscape level and village level. Both scales go through a process that involves three broad stages – understanding, diagnosing and designing, and implementing alternatives. 

In 2022, the SeaChange site teams were set up in Odisha and Andaman & Nicobar islands (ANI). Consequently, the SeaChange ANI team began the implementation of the SeaChange initiative in South Andaman district. The team has been working closely with stakeholders in the Wandoor and the Junglighat fishing communities to improve resource governance, ecosystem health and community wellbeing. The SeaChange initiative will be scaled to other communities within South Andaman and North & Middle Andaman over the coming years.