October 2021

ANET’s Saw John Aung Thong was awarded the SEACOLOGY Prize on 7th October 2021. John received this prestigious award for his multifaceted services to conservation, preservation of cultural heritage, and  sustainable enterprise and ecotourism in the Andaman islands. In addition to being an integral part of ANET’s management, research and operations, John has contributed extensively to the revitalisation of ecological and cultural connections of the Karen community in Mayabunder, the establishment of the Andaman Karen Crafts (AKC), and that of the award-winning Koh Hee home-stay which has been a model for similar initiatives in the islands. SEACOLOGY is a non-profit organisation committed to protecting the unique habitats and cultures of islands worldwide.  ANET is proud to have played a small part in John’s fantastic adventure. Congratulations John! 

February 2020

New thesis !
Sahir Advani has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation titled ‘How commoditization and cross-cultural values influence the sustainability of small-scale fisheries in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India‘. Here is an illustrated summary prepared by Patricia Angkiriwang

October 2019

Ravi Sankaran, was a long-term friend and well-wisher of ANET, and one of the pioneering conservationists and ornithologists to work in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. His work on the Nicobar megapode, the Narcondam hornbill and the edible-nest swiftlet has been instrumental in the development of conservation and sustainable use strategies for the islands.  Ravi’s passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the islands was instrumental in shaping the career’s of many of ANET’s researchers, and continues to be a driving force  in our current engagements.

The ‘Ravi Sankaran Conservation Science Symposium’ was held in Ravi’s memory on 19th October 2019 at IISc., Bangalore. This symposium addressed developments in several of Ravi’s research fields and included a dedicated session on islands. Several members and associates of ANET and Dakshin including Madhuri Ramesh, Manish Chandi, Elrika D’Souza and Kartik Shanker participated in presentations and discussions.    

July 2019

Felicitation for Saw Pa-aung by DFO Mayabunder at Van Mahotsav. Uncle Pa-aung has been our (ANET) boat Captain from the start. He took Rom and Zai out in his padauk dinghy to Interview island, sometime in the 1970’s, and later when Satish Bhasker began his surveys for sea turtles of the islands, it was Uncle who was the obvious and chosen one. He took Satish all along the watchtowers (coastline) of the Andaman, and shared his knowledge of people, places and turtles. His contributions have been integral to the development of ANET.

​A message from Saw John:
“A recognition long overdue- DFO MB, honouring uncle Paon (Pa-aung or Paung), a non- agenarian from Webi. “Uncle ” as he is fondly known to the coterie of  yesteryear scientists and researchers  having worked in the Forest and Wildlife sector of these Islands and knows the island inside out and has oared and chugged in almost all the creeks .He was felicitated on the occasion of the valedictory function of Vanamahotsava. This gesture from DFO, MB has indeed made him very excited and nervous too as  he could only manage only a “thank you” in a soary voice with eyes welled up . Let’s find such true heroes and honour them.”

April 2019

The Andaman Karen Crafts (AKC) inaugurated the Karen restaurant in Mayabunder. This restaurant experiments with a combination of slow-food based local cuisine as well as other local specialties from the islands.

October 2018

More than two decades after his last survey, Satish Bhaskar returned to the islands in October 2018. He visited Uncle Paung at Webi, Mayabunder, who had accompanied him on many surveys to remote islands in search of sea turtle nesting beaches. They reminisced about the old times while examining Satish’s slides from many years ago.

March 2018

A high-level delegation of Nordic ambassadors and bureaucrats visited ANET. This delegation included the ambassadors of Denmark (H. E. Mr. Peter Taksøe-Jensen), Finland (H. E. Ms. Nina Irmeli Vaskunlahti), Iceland (H. E. Mr. Thorir Ibsen), Norway (H. E. Mr. Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg), Sweden (H. E. Mr. Klas Fredrik Molin) and the First Secretary of the Royal Danish Embassy (Ms. Sofie Dyhr Crump).

February 2018

ANET conducted its first Open Day event in February 2018. This day long programme was primarily meant for local citizens who were encouraged to visit the field station and to interact with researchers and field staff. The event attracted community members from across the region.