About  |  ANET Team

Our team at the base comprises a diverse group of people, some of whom have been associated with ANET since its early inception, and others joining the team as the establishment has expanded over the years.

Management and Administration

Naveen Namboothri

Programme Head & Academic Convenor, Dakshin Foundation

Meera Anna Oommen

Associate Director, Dakshin Foundation

Adhith Swaminathan

Base Manager,

Saw John Aung Thong

Operations Manager, North & Middle Andaman

Programmes and Projects

Tanmay Wagh

Project Coordinator,

Tara Braganza

Coordinator, Center for Island Sustainability (CIS)

Aarthi Sridhar


Madhuri Mondal

Senior Programme Officer, SeaChange ANI

Pavitra Vasudevan

Programme Officer, Community Health and Well-being

Anand Rao

Research Assistant, SeaChange ANI

Abhishek Chakraborty

Senior Programme Associate, SeaChange ANI

Rajath B

Programme Associate, SeaChange ANI

Meera PK

Programme Assistant, SeaChange ANI

Aplonia Topno

Field Team member, SeaChange ANI

Field Support and Logistics

​Our field team is an eclectic group of professionals who support the operations of ANET in multiple ways both at the field station and during field work. Its members include a number of deeply committed and highly trained individuals drawn from different parts of the Andaman and Nicobar islands and have been with us for many years.

Mrinal Kanti Bhowmick

Housekeeping In Charge

Naveen Ekka

Logistics Coordinator

Jeevan Horo

Field Assistant & Boat Operator

Sebian Horo

Field Assistant

Johnson Kongari

Chef & Field Assistant

Vishal Kujur (Ledu)

Field Assistant

Niraj Kumar Minj

Administrative Assistant

Babu Kutty

Boat Captain, Khlee

Manisha Singh

Kitchen & Housekeeping Assistant

Anand James Tirkey

Base Coordinator & Field Assistant

Saw Thesorow

Boat Captain, Thisopa & Field Assistant

Saw Watha (Agu)

Maintenance Manager, Carpenter & Field Assistant

Sarojini Tirkey

Kitchen and Housekeeping Assistant

Sushil Lakra

Chef &
Field Assistant